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Thursday, 1st January 1970 - Thursday, 1st January 1970

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Dates : 1 Jan 1970 - 1 Jan 1970
Duration : 1 days, 0 nights.
10 actual ride days.
0 rest days.
Distance : 1164km
Ave. Daily : 117km
Cost : from $4190 early-bird twin-share back-to-back
Question not answered below?

Feel free to contact us at any time through our website ‘Contact Us’ page, phone or email. We love what we do and want to get you on the best bike ride for you. Speak to us about what's on your mind and we'll help you make your decision.

How fit do I need to be and what training is required?

This depends on whether you plan to ride the entire stage or divide each days ride distance between a team. If you have a good level of general fitness, are in good health and are a keen cyclist that is prepared to do some training you should be able to get to a point where you can meet the challenges of these rides. As a guideline you should work on being able to comfortably ride at 25 km/h on the flat with consistency more important than speed.

To get the most out of your ride, build your kilometre total distance in training to gradually attain 110km + a day for 2 days straight or the distance agreed amongst your team members that you will ride each day. A training outline will be sent to you in your pre-tour info pack. In situations where you cannot complete a particular section of the ride for any reason we will always have support vehicles to transfer you and your bike.

What is the accommodation like?

We always try to obtain great accommodation in the best location for you to rest your weary head (and legs) in each town whether it be a motel, hotel, cabins or similar, usually 3, 3½, 4 star. We choose the best and most welcoming motel for cyclists and our tour group needs. On occasion we travel through some very small towns where accommodation is extremely limited. If for whatever reason, such as limited options, the accommodation one night is below normal standard, we strive to improve this with an extra good room the next night or nights following.

Sharing rooms – how does it work?

On the online entry form you can nominate any travelling companions that you would like to share a room with and/or be accommodated close to so that couples or friends can be grouped together. This can be in a double bed or in twin beds. If you are travelling alone like some of our riders, you can choose to 'twin share' where single riders are paired with other riders of the same gender and changed at each accommodation to create interest in sharing rooms. Single Supplement is also available for those who would like their own room for the whole trip. If you are a chronic snorer or have other habits that may affect your fellow room-mates we suggest booking your own room.

Travelling alone?

Not a problem! You’ll find other like-minded cycling companions taking part in our rides. If you’re a solo traveller we will pair you with other solo travellers of the same gender in twin share accommodation or you can opt for Single Supplement (additional cost) to receive a room of your own. If the tour has a camping component tents are single occupancy unless otherwise specified.

Is there much to see?

This is a wonderful journey by bike through forests, fern gullies, vineyards and spectacular coastline of the Fleurieu Peninsula and Encounter Bay. These pockets of history are full of heritage listed buildings and indigenous culture, the countryside adorned with golden colours in Autumn. Granite islands and The Coorong National Park are thriving natural bird habitats and fishing villages are the catch of the day. We pedal the limestone coastline as the 'Eight' Apostles guide you along the internationally renowned Great Ocean Road, winding around beaches that are popular resorts and home of the surfing revolution. This is one of the most picturesque locations in the world adn there is lots to see.

Meals and Food

Always a big part of any cycling holiday! Check tour details for meal inclusions on your ride. Our emphasis is on fresh food and balanced diet with plenty of carbohydrates, proteins, fruit and vegies catering for a cycling holiday. We successfully cater to most dietary requirements, however feel free to contact us with any questions. Most meals are included as part of our tours, however you may be required to purchase some meals. See the 'Day to Day' tab for more details, or click the 'Generate Itinerary' button.

Is the riding safe?

We have a great safety record and do our best to inform motorists so that they can drive accordingly, however cyclists have to play their part in keeping well over to the left. We have support vehicles on the road showing 'Caution Cyclists' signs and a ‘tail end Charlie’ (vehicle following the last rider) with a flashing beacon to warn traffic about our cycling group. You will also be briefed before each day's ride pointing out parts of the road that may get narrow or have any known hazards.

Accidents - who can help?

We have a great safety record, but accidents can happen. We have comprehensive First-Aid Kits with trained 1st aiders as tour guides and drivers, mobiles and a satellite phone for emergency calls and the locality of hospitals in the areas that we travel through. We also have vehicles that can take anyone injured or sick for further treatment.

What's the traffic like?

The Great Ocean Road is a wonderful place to ride a bike however the roads can get busy. Some of the main roads out of Adelaide heading east can also get busy however we stay off the main roads as much as possible. We have support vehicles on the road showing 'Caution Cyclists' signs to warn traffic about our cycling group as well as revolving flashing lights. You will also be briefed before each day's ride pointing out parts of the road that may get narrow or have potential hazards.

What type of bike is best?

A comfortable racing bike, road bike or touring bike with a good seat and road tires with slick or near-slick tread. A hybrid or mountain bike is also possible if you are comfortable riding the daily distances and average speed of the tour, however these bikes are usually around 20% slower than a road bike (ask us for the 'Training Tips' document for this ride).

What is the weather likely to be?

In winter the weather can get cold so make sure you bring appropriate clothing for cycling on the cold and/or rain. We do hope to enjoy some sunny and more mild days though as spring will nearly be upon us. The Average maximum temperature is 15 deg. Of course, we can’t ever control the weather however this only adds to the adventure and excitement of your travel experience! For more specific weather and climate information visit

What bike mechanical assistance is provided?

A tour guide with bike mechanical knowledge will be part of our crew and will have most items that are required, including a good stand-pump for different valves. The bike parts used for replacement will be charged at shop prices. Labour is free for the first fifteen minutes, there after costs may be incurred at the mechanic's discretion. Cyclists with rare or different bikes are asked to contact us at AllTrails as parts can often be very difficult to obtain.

Do I need to carry anything on my bike?

We suggest you carry a spare tube, tyre levels, two full water bottles and your own personal goods such as camera, wallet and perhaps rain gear if it's threatening. We transport your luggage, day packs, food and extra water. A detailed list of what is required and provided will be sent to you in your pre-tour info pack.

What sorts of people join our rides?

People from all parts of Australia and overseas. Ages generally range from 30 - 70 with the average age about 50 years old. Adventurous cyclists usually about 40% women & 60% men with a mix of singles, friends and couples.


Australia Ride is a great opportunity to get healthy and see Australia on a bike in a safe, supported and fun way. In 1988, Phil McDonald, Director and owner of AllTrails, rode around Australia on his Penny Farthing creating a world record and raising over $100,000 for Rotary. Make the challenge bigger than yourself by raising money for our main charity partner MS Australia. If you wish, you can fundraise for your own favourite charity.

Do I need insurance to join the tour?

Obtaining appropriate insurance is your (very important) responsibility.

*** Travel Insurance for lost deposits and cancellations ***

Lost deposits: We very strongly recommend you take out travel insurance for your trip. This should include cover for cancellation fees, lost deposits, and stolen or lost luggage. We cannot emphasise enough how important this is. There are many unforeseen reasons why cyclists may need to withdraw from a ride - injury, health, weddings, business, personal and many more. Cancellation fees can be a major financial loss to you and as a small business we need to adhere to our cancellation policies. Please go to the ride page on our website for your ride and click the 'Terms & Conditions' button to see the ride's cancel policy (note that most travel insurance policies will not include your bike as luggage so that may need to be covered under your home contents insurance or under a specialist bike insurance).

Travel Insurance: Domestic travel insurance cover tends to be significantly cheaper than international cover (approx $50 for one week). Above are two websites that offer both international and domestic travel insurance that you can look at. You can also speak to your local travel agent, or often airline booking websites will offer travel insurance as an optional extra as you book your flight.

*** Cyclist insurance for accidents & medical ***

This is also very strongly recommended. We cannot emphasise enough how important this is. Cycling can be a dangerous activity and you must be prepared for the worst. You may have an accident in training for the ride, on the ride itself, or cycling down to the corner dairy. If you are a cyclist coming on our tour you should be 100% prepared for the unexpected.

Cyclist insurance can be bought separately, or it comes with cycling memberships such as Bicycle Network Victoria or Bicycle Queensland. If you are involved in a crash or collision they will support you with personal injury costs, loss of income, third party liability insurance, assistance in completing your claim paper work & free legal consultation.

Life Insurance and TPD Insurance (often paid through your superannuation), and Private Health Insurance are also worth considering.

What to pack?

We recommend you bring a soft bag or backpack. We advise against bringing a suitcase as they are bulky, difficult to stow on board vehicles or trailers and heavy. You may be required to lift or carry your own luggage from time to time, e.g. into accommodation. Any excess luggage may need to be stored or forwarded on to your final destination at your own expense. Information about what to pack is included as part of your Pre-Departure information. Generally we advise that you pack as light as possible.

What if I need to change or cancel my tour?

We highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance for all our Australian rides at the time of deposit and ensure that it includes coverage for cancellation fees if for some reason you are not able to travel. For our international tours we require all participants to have travel insurance to assist you in the event of a medical emergency, lost baggage, personal liability, cancelled tour or any other trip related issues. Should you wish to change your booking with AllTrails to a different tour, there will be a very reasonable service charge. We try to keep this figure as low as possible to allow flexibility where we can as we want to make sure that you get on the right tour for you. For cancellation and refund policies for your tour click the ‘Book Your Place Today’ button on the relevant tour page of our website and scroll down for Conditions of Contract.

Can I talk to someone who has done one of your tours?

Absolutely. We will be happy to give you the names and telephone numbers of people who have participated in the ride or a similar ride that you are considering. Where possible we will provide you with the details of someone within your city or state. Another good place to look is our ‘Testimonials’ page.

I have a group who would like to know more. Can I book an info session?

Contact us if you would like to find out about booking an info session for your group of friends, or if you would like to find out about a travel talk happening near you in the future. Be inspired, hear from the experts, learn more about a destination and even book your tour on the night.

Can I rent a bike?

We do not have our own fleet of hire bikes, however you can rent a bike. We will be able to help you out with organising bike hire through our local contacts near our office in Melbourne, or closer to a ride departure location. When you make your booking just let us know that you would also like to hire a bike and we will get the ball rolling for you and put you in touch with the right people. You can also bring your own seat and/or pedals to give you that little bit of 'home comfort'.

I am coming from another country, what do I need to know?

Welcome! Traditionally most of the clientele on our rides have been from Australia or New Zealand, but we also have had many riders from USA and UK/Europe. You just need to make sure that your passport and visas are in order and check the cost of transferring your bike to Australia, or rent one here.

What’s not included in the tour price?

• Airfare and transportation to and from the tour pick-up/drop-off locations

• Accommodation before and after the tour (check for pre & post accommodation in the ‘Optional Extras’ under the ‘Pricing’ tab)

• Personal accident or travel insurance

• Personal items purchased during the tour

• Some meals may not be included allowing you the opportunity to explore the regional cuisine and choose your own meal. Check tour details for more information.

• Optional activities and sightseeing

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