The Best Outdoor Trails In The World To Have On Your Bucket List

In case you didn’t know, cycling is good for your mind, legs, weight, and fitness. Cycling regularly can also grow your social circle, allowing you to meet other people who share the same interests and passion as you. If you’re looking for the best outdoor trails in the world for your next cycling experience, let this article provide you tips.

The outdoor trail you pick can make all the difference in your cycling experience. Depending on your skills and gears, the steeper or rockier the terrain is, the better. Here are some of the world’s best outdoor trails to add in your bucket list:

1.     Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (Canada – United States)

If you want to take part in history and go through an outdoor trail that’s one of the world’s longest, choose the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. This trail stretches from New Mexico, USA, Alberta, and Canada. Aside from checking to know what gears to prepare for a long trail, make sure that you also prepare mentally and physically for it. 

2.     The Friendship Highway (China – Nepal)

If you have been a cyclist for years, for sure, you’re always looking for challenging trails. Going through plain terrain that doesn’t test your endurance and skills may not excite you anymore. In fact, going through a trail like this can even become boring for you. If you’re looking for an outdoor trail that isn’t for the faint-hearted, the Friendship Highway should be on top of your list.

This is an outdoor trail that stretches for 800 kilometers or 500 miles between the Nepalese border and the Tibetan City of Lhasa. This route will require you to go through three road passes that measure more than 5,000 meters. And the reward? A breathtaking view of the Gyatso La Mountain Pass. Aside from the trail itself, the Friendship Highway can be challenging because of the sensitive political situation in the area. Careful planning is required if you’re planning to take this trail anytime soon.

3.     Otago Peninsula (New Zealand)

Because of its geographical location, New Zealand boasts of picturesque landscapes that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. From the Milford Sound, Waitomo and Bay of Islands, you’ll never run out of sights to see when you’re in New Zealand. If you’re planning to visit the country soon and cycle with your friends, make sure that you have the time (and energy) to cycle through the Otago Peninsula. This is one of the best places to cycle in New Zealand, with views of the ocean and terrains suitable for both beginners and experienced cyclists.

Because the Otago Peninsula isn’t influenced by the hustles and bustles of the nearby cities of Dunedin, expect that this trail will allow you to connect with nature and focus on your cycling.

4.     County Clare (Ireland)

While some love to get away from the noise and stress of a busy city, others are happier to be exposed in an environment like this. Some people find the busyness of the streets to be reinvigorating, not to mention having the opportunity to meet a lot of people along the way. If you share the same fascination for cities, go ahead and take on the County Clare in Ireland.

Unlike the Otago Peninsula, the County Clare is a cycling route that comes with several pit stops. Going through this trail means cycling in different cities, towns, and beaches.

The County Clare is a very popular cycling destination for people around the world during summer. If you want to experience the Country Clare, it's best if you take the time to plan well in advance.

5.     San Juan Islands (Archipelago in Washington)

Cycling on an island is probably one of the best experiences any cyclist can have. Aside from having a chance to cycle through challenging terrains, an island also allows cyclists to enjoy breathtaking views—it’s like hitting two birds with one stone! If you want to have this kind of experience soon, visit the San Juan Islands located at the archipelago of Washington. This outdoor trail allows you to witness the various sea life of the Pacific while basking in views that are only available to cyclists like you.

Create A Unique Cycling Experience

Now that you know what your options are, talk to your friends and pick. If you have the time, go ahead and visit all of the outdoor trails presented in this article. For sure, your cycling adventures will be one for the books once you visit all of these trails!

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