We usually only run about 10 tours per year and we constantly change destinations, repeating rides often only every 5-10 years. This makes each tour very special to us as we are not repeating the same rides over and over again. Every tour is bespoke and meticulously planned and our staff are as excited and enthusiastic to be on tour as our cyclists. Our winning tour formula is duplicated and improved year on year, but our destinations are always fresh.

Why choose an AllTrails tour ?

• Experts: We have been improving our product every year since 1997! It takes time to become an expert.
• Effort: We don’t take shortcuts. We are renowned for extensive preparation and meticulously planning your tour.
• Service: Our owners are usually on tour with you and set the standard for good old fashioned service.
• Quality: From great accom & meals, to the quality ingredients in our famous home-made biscuits and slices.
• Support: Our support vehicle is never far away if you need a pick-up or mechanical assistance. Our crew are awesome.
• Camaraderie: The AllTrails cyclist community is known for fun, positivity and support – we are proud to be a part of it.

Want to know what people think about our tours?

If you want to talk to people who have participated in the ride or a similar ride that you are considering we can give you names and telephone numbers of people who are happy to tell you what it’s like being a client of AllTrails. You can also look at our Testimonials page.