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What the riders say.


Over 50% of our bookings are from repeat customers

We are proud and honoured to be at the centre of the AllTrails ride community and we love to see cyclists come together for a ride as strangers and often leave as life-long friends. If you don’t have a friend who has been on one of our tours, ask around amongst your local cycling community to see if anybody has – we have been around for a long time so often you will find somebody who knows us. If not, let us know and we will be happy to give you the names and telephone numbers of people who have participated in a similar ride to one which you are considering. Where possible we will provide you with the details of someone within your city or state. Below are a few of the words of thanks we have received along the way from our long list of happy clients.

Contact our office today to ask about any of the rides referred to in these testimonials or if you’re a past client, we would love to have you add one to the page!


D2B - Sandra.jpg
D2B - Alex-2.jpg

I enjoyed the trip very much. I thought rest days were really well placed in terms of taking a break from cycling and being able to use them to see some really fantastic parts of the country. I like being able ‘rest’, but also do something that doesn’t take up the whole day. I appreciated Richard and Jo incorporating their knowledge from their previous trip into this tour - a real personal touch. I way exceeded my own expectations of how far I thought I would ride. I’ll take some credit, but also offer some credit to you just in the way the trip was designed and organised...I know that Jo and Midge work hard behind the scenes, but thanks to Richard and Lou for everything they do on the tour.
Sandra (VIC). Darwin to Broome

Great organisation, interesting routes, adaptable to meet changing circumstances and situations and most important, friendly and focused on what needs to be done. Very highly recommended.
Alex (VIC). Darwin to Broome

D2B - Alasdair 3.jpg

The trip is going really well with Richard and Lou doing a wonderful job .... and I am sure also as a result of the good work of the office support staff. How Jo and Richard do all that support driving at start and finish is beyond me. WELL DONE TO YOU ALL... it is a class act.
Alasdair (VIC). Darwin to Broome

QLD RT - Bob.jpg

Many thanks for yet another fantastic AllTrails ride. From the time we booked the tour to the time Richard and Lou dropped us off in Ipswich, the whole process was as smooth and well organised as we have come to expect from the All Trails team. Richard and Lou were as friendly and helpful as always and it’s inspiring to see how consistently cheerful they seem despite the amount of driving, loading and unloading of luggage and bikes, etc. etc. that they do on a tour like this. This was the first rail trail ride we have done with All Trails and I’m sure that it won’t be our last.
Bob and Bronnie (QLD). QLD Rail Trails Tour

GF - Gordon.JPG

AllTrails did a great job on its four day mountain bike tour in the Goldfields north of Melbourne. It was a mix of sweet single track and dirt roads connected by a few stretches of asphalt through rolling and scenic country of woods and fields and pleasant towns with a few 'roos popping up now and then. Comfortable accommodations, rental bikes and sag wagon available, the trip was a fine addition to a holiday Down Under. A great trip, if I can do anything to spread the word in US let me know.
Gordon (USA). Goldfields Tour

GF - Tanya.JPG

Thanks so much for a great tour. I appreciated being able to ride my dualie and not carry luggage and got a totally different experience of the trail than the year before when I bikepacked it. Thanks so much for your attention to detail, the maps, the book, the gpx files and the support. If you run it again I probably will come back and bring some mates with me.
Tanya (NSW) Goldfields Tour

GF - Eddie.JPG

I have been on over 100 supported and unsupported bike tours over 40 years and I can honestly say that I thought the recent Goldfields Tour was right up there in the top 3 or 4 tours that I have done. I loved it...The support supplied by AllTrails made the experience significantly more enjoyable than it would have been by way of an unsupported tour… As always the accomodation and meals (after riding and during each ride) were excellent. All riding support, including minimising risk through safety strategies, was excellent.
Eddie (NSW). Goldfields Tour


Was a great experience, fun group. Richard and Jo deserve 6 stars for their service.
Carol(USA). Gippsland Rail Trails Tour


Thanks for a great ride on the AllTrails Six Pack Rail Trails – as usual well organised and a great bunch of people to enjoy the camaraderie of other cyclists as we pedalled the six varying trails. Accommodation and meals were great. Congratulations to you all for your expertness in planning and organising pleasurable rides. You, Jo and Richard do a super job with all the organising etc. pre and during rides. Well done. Everyone really appreciates all your hard work. Thanks... Looking forward to another trip in the future...
Bev. Gippsland Rail Trails Tour


Five Star Review (via Facebook)! We had quite a diverse small group for this ride and Jo and Richard managed to cater to everyone's individual needs, allowing each person to ride as much or as little as they wished. Jo's home cooked treats were a bonus and much appreciated!
Linda. Great Ocean Road Tour


Thank you All Trails Bicycle Tours for facilitating and supporting us through a fantastic riding experience. The tour was so well organised with team Jo and Richard looking after us so well. The accommodation and food was really lovely and the on road support, encouragement and back up was fantastic. We all felt able to achieve our personal best and so enjoyed the journey along the iconic Great Ocean Road. We had the challenges of Lavers Hill, which was my 'tick the box' moment and also the opportunity to stop and take in the sights along the way. I'm looking forward to the next opportunity to ride a tour with All Trails.
Lyn. Great Ocean Road


I am writing to thank you for...organising our recent tour of the South Island of NZ. We were looked after very well and your preliminary work in organising the details was apprecaited. The scenery was outstanding, the highlight being the very panoramic train ride  from Greymouth to Christchurch.
Michael. New Zealand Tour


Favourite ride day? Difficult to say they were all of each day were exceptional. Favourite highlight? Sunset at Hokitika, coastal ride into Punakaiki, Pancake Rocks, ride by the lakes into Wanaka. I appreciated the AllTrails support and organisation within a very short time - say one or two days. Compared to previous experience I could see it was way way better. But, of course it is also more expensive. But, I would also say it was good value for money. If the quality is good I don’t resent paying. I await to hear more about next year's ride and am definitely interested.
John. New Zealand Tour


I loved the whole trip ...I loved all the cycling with the exception of the windy day , in particular the day to Hokitka and the day to Wanaka, these were the highlights on the bike... All support pre-trip re extra accommodation, bike hire etc was much appreciated. On the road JB just has the perfect personality, nothing was too much trouble for him.
Tom. NZ South Island Tour


Fabulous tour! Thank you very much! I’ve already been recommending you to some of my cycling friends, including suggesting they consider next year’s North Island NZ tour. Throughout the tour you guys were on top of things from beginning to end. It was pretty much seamless. Your flexibility and unflappable willingness to adapt in a timely fashion to whatever unforeseen events transpired.
Gary. NZ South Island Tour


What an epic journey, a great group of people even only doing first half loved all of it. Well organised, great accommodation, great coffee stops, lunches and dinners. Amazing support the whole way through from booking to day to day on the bike...It's an amazing route and so many Fantastic days it’s hard to choose a favourite but particularly enjoyed the first day, and Westport to Punakaki.
Charlotte. New Zealand Tour



Thanks to the AllTrails team for another wonderful accommodation/dinner/brekky package. Having ridden in over ten Great Vic rides - half on the campsite and half in the luxury that AllTrails provides - I have had many different memorable experiences. I did the 3 day ride this year and it was wonderful to renew old friendships and meet new people with the same interest.
Gwen. Great Vic Bike Ride


Thank you both so much for a fantastic Great Vic trip this year. The accommodation was superb and I know a lot is dependent on the size of the towns we go through but this year offered some excellent eating out too. The trip was seamless thanks to your attention to detail and ‘can do,’ attitude. A great group of people, indulgent afternoon teas and frequent massages whipped us into shape for the next day. Well done and many thanks.
Robyn & John. Great Vic Bike Ride


Thanks for the great photos, its a lovely record of a fabulous trip. We had an absolute ball and loved the combination of indulgence and working it off on the bike... Again, thanks to you all for a wonderful trip, see you again on the road.
Judy and Alan, SA Wineries Tour


Thanks - I thoroughly enjoyed the trip! I look forward to joining a trip in the future.
John. 4 Bays in 4 Days Tour


Just a quick note to say thankyou for an awesome trip. The weather certainly helped but AllTrails made it all possible and Jo and Richard were the perfect hosts...Thanks, once again, and looking forward to the Great Vic with AllTrails!
Gwyn. 4 Bays in 4 Days Tour

Alasdair_PerthBroome18 .jpg

I have been associated with doing AllTrails trips for twelve years and the company is just going from strength to strength. The expedition management is first rate and the technical support of all of the trips has been second to none. This last trip with Richard, JB and Lou being yet another example of a company and its people doing their utmost to run a successful trip and to getting over the inevitable hurdles that come along to test us! Then there is the inimitable Midge in the office who for computer illiterates like me will even assist with completion of the necessary application forms…. all done in a cheery way without making me feel like a total ‘ignorant’. Because of the above I actively promote AllTrails to my friends and I hope that I can do my bit to promote your business.
Alasdair. Multiple Tours


We very much enjoyed our cycling trip from Copenhagen to Paris. Aside from the pleasure of cycling and new landscapes and cities to experience and new people to meet we were most impressed with the professionalism of [the guide] team.
Robyn & John. Copenhagen to Paris Tour


...a big “thank you” for all assistance and advise in the lead up to this year’s 2018 European Tour, it was much appreciated. Also thank you to Jo and Richard for the good times and occasional beer, (oh… and the cycling). The Tour was all I expected it to be plus a bit more. I had a great time and look forward to adding more fabulous AllTrails / Cycling memories in the future. Would I do another All Trails Tour…. Definitely.
Rod. Copenhagen to Paris Tour


Overall I consider this trip to have been very well conceived and executed by your team.... For those of us who truly enjoy road cycling it fits the bill really well and personally I loved it...guides were terrific and to be highly commended...Meals were excellent and very well organised...Overall a great trip- again showcasing AllTraills attention to detail; great route planning and very generous provision of "extras". Well done and thank you one and all... Would highly recommend your company any time.
Bob. Copenhagen to Paris Tour


Thank you...for a wonderful experience. One take home message that I have from our grand expedition is that the second tier cities are often equally rewarding to visit, equally exotic to the foreigner and much more tourist friendly; if only because there are relatively so few tourists.
David. Copenhagen to Paris Tour
See David's personal blog.


The Copenhagen to Paris ride was great...the guides wonderful.
Michael. Copenhagen to Paris Tour


Well organised, great fun. Lots of on road support. Good food. Would like to do it again. Thank-you.
Tracy (QLD) Perth to Geraldton 2018


What a great adventure the P2B ride was, thanks to a magnificent team from AllTrails. A trip I will never forget, gee it feels like it was sooo long ago now. Your highlights list covered it well and apart from some unpleasant wind events it was a ride that will take some matching. Many, many thanks for your commitment and enthusiasm to make the ride so enjoyable. It takes a lot of energy and patience to do a month long trip, but you all seemed to do it pretty easy. Well done and again congratulations on a terrific tour.
Rob. Perth to Broome Tour


It was a great ride and I really understand how much work went into delivering it, both before and during. I think given some of the weather conditions, length of the rides on many days and food and accommodation pressures everybody worked together to make it a terrific event.
Sandra. Perth to Broome Tour


Excellent planning, excellent execution, excellent mechanical support, excellent company, excellent accommodation, excellent food and the resolution of my serious mechanical problem (broken axle) was done efficiently and effectively. Topped off by my memorable birthday celebration.
David. Murray River Tour


As usual All Trails ride is extremely well organised keeping the standard high and looking after the participants. The friendly atmosphere generated makes us all feel important and welcome. Two sensational dinners and good brekkys... On the whole a most enjoyable ride with great people and lots of laughing and only one snake and echidna sighted!
Joan. Autumn Rail Trails Tour


We are back home as of yesterday and just wanted to say Thank you both, we really enjoyed the trail, company and your smooth running of the trip. Looking forward to seeing some more rail trail trips in the future.
Bar & Mike. Autumn Rail Trails Tour


I finally did one of your rides which I enjoyed a lot. I only hope now that I can do others... For me I was grateful to be picked up with the bus on the first day. Which is why this system is a great way for me to ride and travel. All of the locations were well chosen, given number of people, cost and experiences. Regards to all and look forward to more trips.
Judy. Autumn Rail Trails Tour


We shall wear [our AllTrails jerseys] with pride and remember the amazing memories we made along the Great Ocean Road in your generous and delightful company! ...Thank you so much again for a spectacular GOR adventure!
Margo & Norman. Great Ocean Road Tour


A fantastic trip, superb weather planning (you must have a direct line to the weather gods) and the best meals ever. Looking forward to the next one.
Alan. Murray River Tour


Yes there were many memorable times... I think the two best days for me were the ride from Swan Hill to Tooleybuc and Waikerie to Blanchetown. A special moment would be a choice between on the boat at gunbower creek especially after dark and the early morning ferry at Mannum. Your organisation of the tour was brilliant and I most appreciated your support when 4 of us had not quite followed the arrows and needed to regroup. Also when I was given a warning that the Murray Bridger cycle path was not suitable for my bike as there were a couple of very tight squeezes! I have really enjoyed the experience and look forward to joining you again.
Ed. Murray River Tour


I had a great time doing stage 2 of the Murray River Cycle tour. It was a great experience and hopefully we might cross paths on another ride. Thanks to Richard, Jo, JB and Midge for all their hard work.
Peter. Murray River Tour


Hi All and once again thanks for the great ride. Overall I really enjoyed the whole thing...I think the three of you on the ride and Midge at home do a fantastic job. You all seem to find a great balance between working and being a part of the group. I would probably never undertake something like this on my own, so its great that you take the pain out of it all.
Sandra. Murray River Tour




Just a quick note to say thank you to both of you & JB Jodie & the Scribble Pad for another great bike ride... I get older & slower but the fun is just as good. Looking forward to my next ride sometime in the new year. Congratulations to both of you on maintaining the fun & harmony with a great mob of people.
Paddy. Great Victorian Bike Ride


Firstly thanks for a terrific Great Vic ride. We enjoyed it immensely, such a bonus sleeping in nice motels and looking forward to a massage on most days, not to mention the get together dinners.
Robyn. Great Victorian Bike Ride


The bike trip was fun in spite of the rain and the AllTrails part was well done. I was pleased with the planning and the extra things like transporting our bikes to Sale, and getting me a separate room when Kirk got sick. JB as always, rendered expert support when needed and it was wonderful just knowing that he was available. All in all, it was a great experience and I look forward to a repeat next year. I want to thank your whole team for their efforts in making the ride so successful.
Craig. Great Victorian Bike Ride


Every single thing was great! Wonderful organisation from you guys and fantastic support from JB. Having a massage was such a luxury too. We had the best time!
Susan. Great Victorian Bike Ride


Thank you to all the team at AllTrails for a great Great Vic. As usual we were well looked after...Richard and Jo did a fantastic job looking after us in the unexpected circumstances [of the final days cancellation]. I had a great time.
Gwyn. Great Victorian Bike Ride


Thanks for a great bike ride and for taking care of us all so well. This was our first real AllTrails ride as the other one was in conjunction with Cycle Old and we appreciated the attention and support you provided at all times during this Daylesford venture. The quaint picturesque country back roads were fabulous, really pretty and with some exhilarating downhills...We thoroughly enjoyed the Champagne Train - it was fantastic on every level and the friendly, consistently attentive service and delicious home-made finger food and tasty curry were all par excellence... Thank you again and good luck with all your upcoming rides.
Toni. Daylesford Cycle Weekend


Loved meeting the AllTrails people and finally finding out what Ken has been doing for many years on his mysterious bike rides. A great idea to invite non riders and partners. Loved exploring Daylesford. Well done.
Sheila & Ken. Daylesford Cycle Weekend


I loved every minute of the Daylesford Ride. My favourite ride the Day 2 out to Trentham and back...Everything was very well organized and such a happy atmosphere continuing the All Trails philosophy of happy riders makes for a happy tour. Thanks to you all for making it a pleasure to participate in the ride...Well done to all three of you.
Joan. Daylesford Cycle Weekend


I enjoyed it all and feel grateful for your help. Favourite day was definitely the Wombat State Forest. Perhaps being Day 4, I had my cycling legs. Everybody made me feel welcome, all without exception, and that was lovely being there, not left out ever. So thanks again, Richard and JO. I always advertise you, talked about it yesterday and I am riding today,will tell them, if anyone asks. My best wishes.
Helen. Daylesford Cycle Weekend


Richard and I just wanted to write and reiterate how much we enjoyed the AllTrails Great Ocean Road Tour. In particular, we felt you all struck a great balance between being very organised (which you were) and allowing us to do our own thing in our own time.
Katie & Richard. Great Ocean Road Tour


Jo and Richard owners of AllTrails were excellent and paid great attention to all the details necessary when bike riding. Although the riding was quite demanding due to the never ending climbing during the first two days of our 4 day ride, we enjoyed ourselves. Accommodation and food provided were best available and thoroughly enjoyed after a day of bike riding. Whilst riding through the Snowy Mountains was difficult, Jo and Richard have many rides throughout each year ranging from small group rides for a few bike riders to large group rides.
David. Great Alpine Road Tour


Many thanks for your wonderful hosting and organisation during my recent Bike Queensland experience. I doubt the event for me would have been in anyway successful without you.
Barry. Cycle Queensland Package


Thank you for another great AllTrails - supported Cycle Queensland. All Trails support – always excellent and this year was certainly no exception. Always reassuring to know that we could leave our bags at our departure each day and be certain that they would be waiting for us at our destination. And I have to commend the choice of afternoon teas each day – very tasty. Lou’s massages were the most relaxing I have had – I’m sure they helped me over those hills. Midge’s friendly efficiency continues to make the pre-tour arrangements go extremely smoothly. Congratulations to you all ...
Bob. Cycle Queensland Package


I thought the trip was tremendous. It was superbly organised and run, the route we took was spectacular and mostly very bicycle friendly (as were European drivers which was a very pleasant change from home). The hotels we stayed at ranged in quality from OK to excellent, the food at the organised dinners was consistently very good, the hire bike was excellent, but the thing that really made the trip work was that it was a really good bunch of people to travel with.
Jeff. European Cycle Tour


A really well organised; very well guided and good value for money tour that will live long in the memory as the hardest, yet most rewarding physical endeavour I have tackled, certainly since turning forty! This trip was meticulously planned and organised, which is a tribute to AllTrails and the two guides. Any slight glitches to program were effortlessly worked around and a good sense of comradery was maintained throughout the touring party largely due to the obvious effort expended by the Company and the guides directed at ensuring all participants were safe; enjoyed themselves and above all had fun. No trip of this duration is going to be cheap in aggregate but in my view given the quality of the accommodation provided; the very good food (with very few exceptions) and the range of snack foods/fruits/wine tastings etc provided (as well as birthday cake!) I think represented extremely good value and well worth the overall cost. It is a tribute to AllTraills that at no point did it appear attempts were being made to cut corners on cost and in fact my observation is that the company were particularly generous in going "the extra mile" to ensure a really good time was had by each day passes and the reminiscences become more and more heroic the reminders of the pain fades and what is left are wonderful memories of a truly great experience that I simply would not have missed. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to get me there and home safe. All and all we loved the experience and would thoroughly recommend AllTrails as a first rate touring company, run by delightful, thoughtful and generous people in Jo and Richard.
Bob. European Cycle Tour


I went for my first ride since the trip yesterday and it was gratifying to feel so much stronger, and enjoy riding so much more than before we left. While I found the trip very difficult physically, it’s good to know my body can still respond and improve - worth the effort. I’m also so pleased I’ve had an opportunity like that to see that part of the world; it’s an extraordinary section of Europe with huge variety and really interesting history and continuing issues etc, all of which augmented the riding element enormously for me. Having such experienced, knowledgeable, fun and intelligent European guides also made a big difference to my enjoyment. I appreciated too the level of accommodation, particularly the fact that many of the hotels were a bit special. Overall, it was a fantastic trip that provided opportunities to both improve and enjoy my riding while exploring a deeply interesting and beautiful part of Europe. Thanks for the company and all the help you provided on the way. Richard, we would never have made that leg into Cortina without you!
Tania. European Cycle Tour


Simply a brilliant journey , taking in contrasting landscapes from the rolling winelands outside Adelaide through some uniquely attractive parts of South Australia culminating in the stunning scenery along the Great Ocean Road and a beautiful final spin up through Mornington . Overnight stops were well chosen with warm and accomodating hosts wherever we ended up . To be able to see all of this and only have to worry about getting up and cycling every day made the whole experience all the more memorable so a huge shout out to Richard & AllTrails for taking care of everything. So many highpoints on the trip it's difficult to pull out specific instances. I intend to get back and cycle more in Australia and will certainly talk to AllTrails when I do.
Paul. Adelaide to Melbourne Tour


Thanks again for an awesome tour! Even with the dodgy weather, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Your attention to detail, effort and flexibility made for a relaxed and fun trip. The accommodation & food was all fantastic and the route so well planned. Tidal River was beautiful – the views from Mt Oberon & along the river were well worth seeing, as was Walhalla. I hope I can join you on another trip soon (and will bring some friends).
Julie. Gippsland Tour


My best day was the most challenging day and of course that was day 8 to Walhalla. Hard to say which location I enjoyed most out of Wilsons Prom and Walhalla. Both were wonderful in different ways. Highlight was the meals together at Wilsons Prom. Support by Alltrails!! It was always there but it reached a highlight on the day from Venus Bay to Wilsons Prom. It was dangerous to ride and you went out of your way in the rain to fit us and our bikes/gear into the vehicles AND in such good humour. Thanks Richard and Jo. You were exceptional.
Brian. Gippsland Cycle Tour


Thanks once again for all your work to make the trip successful. We are going to put out of our memories forever the triple threat of the Yallourn hill, the headwind and the rain all at the one time!!! Organisational highlight would have to be fitting all of us and bikes into the vehicles and getting us to the Prom. Great work.
Sandra. Gippsland Cycle Tour


I just wanted to say "Thank You" for such a great time in Mornington recently. Apart from the wonderful weather you ordered for us, there was lovely, friendly company from other Riders, enthusiasm and good spirits every day. The planning for each day, made me feel safe and confident out on the road. Especially the back up in vehicles provided by you both. The riding was magnificent with great mixture in terrain and challenge. My enjoyment of this Ride is emphasised by the fact that I have just paid a deposit for my next All Trails Ride. See you on the Great Alpine and Ocean Road!
Gabby. Mornington Long Weekend Tour


It was a truly wonderful 4 day bike riding weekend! Thank you so very much for your good natures, your good humour, your thorough planning and thoughtfulness, and your energy which was boundless! It was a true delight to be in your company and I say very well done All Trails 'Mark 2'. It was a lot of fun and your lovely personalities made it very relaxing. Thank you very much again. You must have been exhausted by the time you got home! Thank you both /all very much again and I'll spread the word to others.
Jan. Mornington Long Weekend Tour


I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and although the weather wasn't kind, in some ways it added to the tour. I enjoy hills and mountains. I really enjoyed Day 8 Morwell to Walhalla. I thought the section from Erica to Walhalla was super spectacular. Favourite location - RACV Inverloch and Walhalla. Favourite highlight - not knowing this part of Victoria, the tour showed me the best parts of Gippsland. Favourite Eating Location - Ristorante le Ricardo. Congratulations to Richard and Jo, you have moved AllTrails to a new level and made it yours.
Phil. Gippsland Tour


The ride was great - I enjoyed it immensely - all aspects of it - staying in the same room was a winner - meeting lots of new riders - enough of a challenge in beautiful country - good variety of activities along the way - yes, I would do this type of tour again and am thinking seriously of the Melb Cup weekend. Thank you again for your support.
Lindy. Mornington Long Weekend Tour


You know that I enjoyed it, loved the interesting company and managed to do some riding every day... i loved telling people about Arthur’s Seat, Red Hill and Shoreham, they were hilly . Great having the valuable support vehicle, and the interest and encouragement from the organisers. I always tell everybody in my bike groups about what i am doing with All Trails, show them the day sheets etc. Great having the non-rider option for the partners.
Helen. Mornington Long Weekend Tour


Back in Melbourne after thoroughly enjoying the Peninsula 4 day group ride. Thank you for your help and time.
Rhonda. Mornington Long Weekend Tour


I had a lovely time. Great company! As I texted to a good friend this morning: "Riding (with AllTrails) is enjoyable because the people are great - no whingers, no high flyers - just friendly, helpful cyclists who are interested in others....
Sue. Mornington Long Weekend Tour


Thanks for those terrific photos of a wonderful trip. Your unfailing good humour and care for the riders was outstanding. The camaraderie and fun were also right up there!
Cathy. Tasmania Tour


Thanks for hosting the ride – really enjoyed it and the camaraderie!
Tim. Tasmania Tour


Peter and I had a great time. Well done all!! Unbelievable weather and scenery. Til next time.
Anna. Tasmania Tour


My fellow cyclists were a friendly and sociable bunch and made the ride good fun together with the AllTrails staff.
Brian. Tasmania Tour


Thank you so much, we had a fantastic trip, I cannot believe the weather was so beautiful. The trip was wonderfully organised so a big thank you to all of you. Richard and Jo were so easy going and thoughtful, and Peter and JB were my life savers, they gave such encouragement and support. Again thank you to all, we look forward to our next trip with all trails.
Kerry. Tasmania Tour


For me, the East Coast ride was excellent with good hills and very scenic. The weather of course always makes a ride and we were blessed with this. Temperatures around 8-20 degrees makes a welcome relief from the humid and hot Brisbane weather. The group seem to gel very well. The group dinners were excellent which allowed for the group to blend in. The organisation for the rides with signage on the road made it easy for riders of all strengths to follow the route. Safety is an important issue which was certainly addressed by Richard and Jo. The group on the final day was guided by vehicles front and back across the busy bridge of the Derwent river into Hobart - Thank you for that. I would certainly look at booking another tour with Alltrails.
Peter. Tasmania Tour


What a great way to see Australia! Thanks AllTrails for taking care of everything so we could just enjoy our riding. I really appreciated the thoughtful planning of our Tasmanian tour and also knowing we had full support from the AllTrails staff at all times. Now I just need to plan for when I can do another tour...
Chris. Tasmania Tour